Welcome to the Town of Wilton, Alabama!
Wilton is located in the south western section of Shelby County and approximately 40 miles south of Birmingham. 

Brief History of The Town of Wilton
In 1936, Wilton was a small town with a big need. It needed water. The town population of approximately 562 had almost run out of water thanks to an extremely dry summer. During this time, the town of Wilton had no water system. They had to rely on wells, cisterns, and rain barrels. The mayor wrote a letter asking for assistance from the PWA. By the Spring of 1937, the town had their own pump house and a 100,000 gallon storage tank. Everyone in Wilton benefited from this project.

Town of Wilton, Alabama
100 Depot Street, Wilton, AL 35187
Phone: (205) 665-2021 - Fax: (205) 665-2080
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